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Ananda Spa - Pacific Hotel Siem Reap

Reflexology feet massage

60 min 25 USD

Re-establish the energy flows throughout your body through acupressure point to improve circulation, ease pain and relax your body.

Khmer massage

60 min 28 USD/ 90 min 38 USD/ 120 min 48 USD

This traditional Asian massage is a combination of acupressure and light stretching movements. The massage is performed without oil and pay special attention to the back and legs. The treatment helps recover a smooth energy flow, increases flexibility of your body movement.

Head, Back and Shoulder massage

60 min 25 USD

This Natural oil massage work to stimulate circulation and improves energy flow. The therapist focuses on the head, face, back, neck and shoulders to loosen muscles and ease tensions. The therapeutic touch helps to improve the central nervous system and release stress.



Slimming massage

60 min 35 USD/ 90 min 45 USD

Cellulite-mostly on the hips, buttocks, and upper arms-usually results from sluggish circulation and poor elimination of toxins from the body. The therapist will use correct sequences of basic massage strokes to sooth, tone and stimulate the whole area, boosting the blood supply to the tissues and increase the lymphatic drainage.


60 min 35 USD/ 90 min 45 USD

With the recognized virtue of essential oils, our therapist will deliver the energy flow through body. The treatment improves blood circulation, muscle relaxation, tension, mind and soul.

Swedish 4 hand massage

60 min 45 USD/ 90 min 65 USD

To discover Ananda spa techniques, a 4 hands massage delivered by two therapists at same time, the treatment provides you a unique experience from top-toe.

Pacific herbal compress massage

60 min 38 USD/90 min 48 USD/120 min 58 USD

The Pacific herbal compress massage combines the healing effects of an aromatherapy massage with the application of heated herbal compress, the treatment purifies, relaxes, warms, relieves aches and pains and improves the blood circulation condition whilst stimulating the senses.